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How To Check Your Meter 

A water meter measures the amount of water used in your house and garden (this is known as your “household”). Reading your household water meter might seem like something a grown up should worry about, but it’s actually a really important job that you can easily do.

By joining the Water Detectives gang and checking the water meter at your house once a week, you can help find out if your family is using more water than it should be. And that’s a great way to help save Bunbury’s precious water supply and do your bit for our environment.

Here’s how to read your water meter:

Step 1 

With the help of mum, dad or another grown up, find your home’s water meter (it’s usually somewhere in your front garden, in line with your letterbox). Check out the photo for an idea of what you’re looking for. 


Hint: The black numbers show kilolitres and the red figures shows litres. A kilolitre is 1,000 litres. A typical swimming pool holds 30,000 litres (or 30 kilolitres).

Hint: When the numbers are moving, someone or something in your house is using water!

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