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Have you got what it takes to be a Water Detective?


Sure you do! 

Being a water detective is easy...all you have to do is make sure your household isn't using more water than it should each week.  By doing this,you can help save Bunbury's precious water supply.  Check out the other members of Bunbury's Water Detectives gang below - they'll help show you how to keep a close eye on your household water use and get your hands on some cool free stuff too!



Inspector Droplet

Hi, Inspector Droplet the Water Detective here!

My job is teach people the best ways to save water and have a heap of fun along the way!


Together it's our job to help keep on top of how much water your family is using around ths house.

Stick with me and I'll show you how to do it so you can pick up some great prizes.

   Johnny Drip


Hey guys, I;m Johnny Drip.

I like to use as much water as I like, whenever I like,

I water the garden during the middle of the day-because I can.

I leave the tap running while brushing my teeth-because I can.

I take long, hot showers - because I can.

I know it's waste, but hey, what's anybody gonna do about it?


Janey Drip

Hi, everybody, I'm Janey Drip.

Don't listen to my brother, he's a water-waster!

If everybody was like him, we might run out of water one day

which would make it pretty hard for us to live, right?

I know it's up to me and Inspector Droplet to teach Johnny

why it's really importance to save water in Australia - the driest continent in the world

I'm excited about sharing my water saving tips with you too!


Mr and Mrs Splash

Hey there, we're Mr and Mrs Splash.

We like to save water but sometimes we forget to be water wise.

We really do mean to help keep Bunbury's water supply safe for the future but, as mums and dads, we're pretty busy so we often need someone clever to reminds us to save water!



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